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The Basement Disaster

2014-06-03 12.56.18

No, this is not the title for my next novel.

A few weeks ago our sump pump failed and we had a bit of a basement flood. We caught it early and no furniture or possessions were damged, but the insurance guys still decided to tear the carpet out. This is what our basement looks like right now.

It is kind of creepy. And noisy. A person forgets how much noise carpet and furniture absorb.

We also have the pleasure of working with various contractors again, to rebuild. I’m being sarcastic. I have nothing against builders, of course, it just seems to me that most of the ones we end up working with are dreadfully unhappy with their jobs. Take for example the drywall contractor who was replacing the one wall torn out… he spent the entire time complaining that his bosses always underestimate how much drywall he needs. He then listed all the other jobs where they had screwed up and he had been forced to make two trips to get more drywall.

This made me think back to my game design days (doesn’t everything?) and I was hard pressed not to ask him why he did not drive around with a couple extra sheets of drywall, “just in case.” Especially considering how incompetent he said his bosses were. But I didn’t (this is another story but we once angered drywallers working on a previous home and they threatened to smash all the walls to pieces, so I’m a bit more cautious around them nowadays).

Anyways, this is what is going on with me :) Anything new and exciting happening to any of you?

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