The Lazy Designer

Lazy Designer – Book 5 – The Design Manager

I’ve finished writing the rough draft for the last book in the Lazy Designer series. This book focuses on what it is like to be a design manager in the game’s industry and I hope it is of interest to readers. It sits at about 55 000 words (pre-editing), making it neither the shortest nor longest of the books so far.

So what does this mean next?

I have a lot of editing to do. I’ve started editing Book 4 and hope to have that released in January of 2014. When that’s complete I might take a short break and write a short story or two (yes, I know I’ve said I’m not trying too hard to sell those anymore, but I still like to write them). After that I’ll move onto edits for Book 5. When that’s finished I need to write and edit the bonus material for those readers who have purchased the deluxe edition of the Lazy Designer.

I also have to edit the novel I wrote last year! I don’t see any new large-scale projects on the horizon until next fall…

And, as a reminder I have a few new stories out in anthologies recently:
“Cobbler and Minion” in Ruined Cities and “Great White” in Oomph. And I double-checked my bibliography and it looks like I have had twenty-four stories published… with two more purchased and awaiting publication.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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