Monthly Archives: December 2013

2013 Year End

This is the time of year that I review my goals and milestones for the previous year and bore all of you with the gory details :) I am well pleased with how well the Lazy Designer series performed. I’ve exceeded sales from prior years, I think in large part helped by the release of […]

Game Dev Update

Decent work has progressed on the kid’s educational/robot building game (and to the supplemental document I’m writing to explain my design process on it). If you are bored/curious, it’s the top link on my unity page. Lower your expectations accordingly. It is not feature complete, but it’s feature sufficient and probably won’t be tweaked too […]

Lazy Designer Update

This is what happens when kids play with the minifridge. Pop freezes. And explodes. We had several of these delicious but deadly grenades the other day. Be careful out there! As for updates… loads of progress on the Lazy Designer series, which is my focus for now. I won’t quite finish the rewriting pass on […]

No update!

This is why: Lots more shoveling to do. (I had intended to finish up some features for the kid’s robot game and talk about it, but I’m a bit behind schedule and so that will have to wait until next week… or maybe next year… depending on the weather.)

Smarty Games

Work continues on the second kid’s game I’m building. I doubt it’ll be of any interest to readers, aside from the design lessons I’ve learned (and maybe the Unity experience I’ve gained), but the work-in-progress is lingering on the site if you want to hunt for it :) I’m about 50% complete, in regards to […]

Lazy Designer – Book 5 – The Design Manager

I’ve finished writing the rough draft for the last book in the Lazy Designer series. This book focuses on what it is like to be a design manager in the game’s industry and I hope it is of interest to readers. It sits at about 55 000 words (pre-editing), making it neither the shortest nor […]