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Brent is Sick

I’m a week into a flu or something and this has really hampered my productivity. Hence the missed posts. I’m still getting a little bit of work done though — I’ve almost finished writing the rough draft for the final Lazy Designer Book (Book 5) and I’m starting the edit pass on Book 4. I’ve also managed some prototyping. My latest accomplishment has been an upgrade system for the next kid’s game I’m making.

With this prototype I’m trying to follow the advice I’ve given in the Lazy Designer books and creating the planning documentation the way I suggest and I’m documenting my process along the way too. I’m finding that kind of interesting, as I make note of all the wrong turns I’m taking. (I suspect the past week will have more of those, given that being sick and writing code don’t really mix well for me.)

I won’t have anything to show for a while, but I’m hoping to have more to talk about next week, if I’m feeling better.

Because I am offering direct sales of my Lazy Designer books some of you that have already bought the Lazy Designer books on other sites might be wondering how to obtain copies of the bonus material and the like (once they are complete). Here’s my plan — I’ll mention this again when books 4 and 5 are released. I’m not trying to make money from having people buy the books twice. If you’ve already purchased the first three volumes and wanted to “upgrade” to one of the direct sell options, just e-mail me with a reasonable attempt at proving your prior purchase. I’ll come up with a reduced rate (based on which volumes you’ve bought) and if you think that’s reasonable, I’ll give you a special code to use to buy the package. And once you’ve bought books directly from me feel free to ask for any other major file format and I’ll try to get you it (though it might take a bit if I have to prepare it myself and haven’t already… more details here).

(Also if you’ve signed up to the mailing list on the lazydesigner site and it hasn’t worked, let me know… I seem to be getting a few “unable to send the welcome e-mail” messages bouncing back to me and I’m not sure if that’s because the signups are spambots or actual people who can’t get the list to work.)

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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