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Okay, back to the blog post:

This post, “Word Goals” is not to announce the title of my new game or anything (though I have whipped up a little word-hunting game for my kids). It is just my annual moment of gloating to announce that I passed the goal I set for myself of writing 250 000 words in 2013.

Currently I am sitting at 287 000. So I might end up close to 300 000 by year’s end.

To some this might seem like a lot of words, but it is actually one of least productive years, since leaving BioWare. Here’s my past performance:
2009 – 172191 (most of this was done between September and December, after I left BioWare)
2010 – 407440
2011 – 433955
2012 – 335301

The reason for the decline in production — which I had anticipated — was that I knew I’d be spending more time with the kids. I was also being conservative because my wife was looking for new work which might mean a return to full-time employment. This happened, and so I’m glad I accommodated that when I planned my writing goals for this year.

(I really dislike surprises that disrupt my planning and so I do tend to be conservative.)

Right now I’m about 20% through writing the Lazy Designer book on management (as well as preparing a series of Unity tutorials).

Anyways , a few stories of mine are still available to read if you are interested:
Oomph-frontcover-1000 My story ‘Great White’ is in this fun anthology.


51PF-u+8U0L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ This is a “best of” issue for Plasma Frequency and contains my story ‘Slaying Dragons’.

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