Monthly Archives: November 2013

Ruined Cities

The anthology “Ruined Cities” was released yesterday! My story “Cobbler and Minion” is among the many fine stories in the collection. It is available on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Update The past week I’ve still been sick but also productive, making strides on the last Lazy Designer book as well as the second […]

Brent is Sick

I’m a week into a flu or something and this has really hampered my productivity. Hence the missed posts. I’m still getting a little bit of work done though — I’ve almost finished writing the rough draft for the final Lazy Designer Book (Book 5) and I’m starting the edit pass on Book 4. I’ve […]

Contributor Copies

This was suppose to go up a couple days ago, but I was busy, so here you go. One of the cooler moments in writing is when you receive a contributor copy. Given that much of what I sell now is sold to online magazines, I’m not getting quite so many print copies as I […]

Game Design Thoughts

Those following the site probably noticed that the other day I posted a… thingy. (I don’t want to quite call it a game). Anyways, if you follow this link you’ll seen one area (in unity) for a very simple kid’s spelling game. And by very simple, I mean VERY SIMPLE. (If you want to read […]

Word Goals

For those of you who stop into this blog but are really only interested in Lazy Designer news, you can subscribe directly at the new Lazy Designer site. This replaces the old “Lazy” mailing list and I have already transitioned those who had signed up there. If you sign up you should receive, via e-mail, […]