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Fun With Unity

I’ve had some time to work with Unity the past couple weeks but instead of applying that (entirely) towards the prototype, I’ve been building a kid’s game instead. This is not a commercial thing, just something fun for me to sit with my kids and work out the design for.

I like to think I’m being somewhat smart about this though because some of the code systems *will* be useful for the prototype work I’m doing. What I find advantageous about focusing on the kid’s game instead of the prototypes, is that it is smaller. Being smaller in scope means I’m less intimidated by the amount of work necessary to finish it (given my limited and sporadic time, any task that takes longer than 30 minutes is troublesome).

I’m also starting to write a small Unity “howto”. This isn’t intended for professional developers or those familiar with Unity. It is just meant to be a guide to help encourage designers to pick up Unity and play around with its features, without being intimidated. This will likely be one of those “added value” things I’ve written about in my posts about the Lazy Designer (or a mailing list registration incentive). That remains to be seen.

At this point it looks like it could be an ongoing series, as I move through finishing the kid’s game and back into the prototype.

I was going to put up an example of the kid’s game but ran into a hurdle deploying it. Maybe next week…

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