Writing Resources


I’ve been working on Lazy Designer Book 4 and finished the rough draft of it today (it was mostly done earlier in the year, except for the sections on worldbuilding). I have also continued with some editing chores on other projects. So, as usual, lots of work but nothing much I can show you yet.

I do have some stories out soon (or already out). As a reminder the anthology of superhero stories I have a story in, Oomph, will be released soon and my story “Slaying Dragons” is in the first year “best of” anthology from Plasma Frequency (in case you want to check out some of my fiction offerings).

I’m also playing around with ideas on allowing direct purchases from my site for my non-fiction. As an experiment towards this, I’ve enabled my story ‘Digital Rights’ to be sold through this new system. Let me know if you see any problems with it. Down the road (i.e., probably not until 2014), I’ll start releasing the Lazy Designer books this way, but with some additional content. I may or may not have some interesting news regarding the Lazy Designer series at that time too (a hint: the prices on all this work will probably be increasing, but will be offset by extra goodies). For those interested, I’ve setup a subdomain for these books at lazydesigner.brentknowles.com.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.