Monthly Archives: September 2013

Slaying Dragons… Again

Earlier this year my story ‘Slaying Dragons’ appeared in Plasma Frequency Magazine. It also garnered enough votes to be selected for Plasma Frequency’s first year anthology — reader and editor selected stories. That anthology is now available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. If you’d like a sample of what Plasma has published in […]

The Long Dark

Instead of talking (just) about my prototype work, I’d like to mention a Kickstarter for a former coworker. Dave Chan was the sound guy for a significant portion of my time with BioWare and he’s joined Hinterland games to make THE LONG DARK: a first-person post-disaster survival simulation set in the Northern wilderness. How far […]

127 750 Words

Another hasty update, still hammering away at finishing the rough draft of the latest novel before I lose the bulk of my writing time for this school year. As the title probably suggests, I am sitting at about 127 750 with 8 chapters remaining to write. Doing the rough maths in my head, and considering […]

Update on the Prototype

Well I suggested a couple days ago that I would stick to a schedule, for my blog postings and I don’t want to disappoint in the first week. That said, I’m quite far behind for today’s work, so a short update must suffice: I’m only spending a couple hours a week (at best) on the […]

Two Negative Sales

Recently I learned that a publishing company that produces several magazines is likely going under. This means that two stories I had contracted with them will not be printed (as well as a third that I had revised significantly for an editor). Now I have to go and find a new home for them. So […]