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Exploration and Gameplay

As was probably obvious given the posts earlier in the month, the third book in the Lazy Designer series is now available for Kindle. I was a bit distracted with talking about a couple stories I’ve had published recently — which, if you have not read my story ‘Slaying Dragons’ in Plasma Frequency Magazine, you […]

Tackle Your Bigs Risks… Prototyping

In my spare hours, in between writing and family obligations, I’m continuing with my unity prototype. I’ve been having fun with it but today I had to take a step back. I really want to dive into AI and combat, but I realize that these, while complicated system, are ones I’m confident I can get […]

When Brent Does Not Write… He Prototypes

So, what have I been up to recently? Well, I’m well into writing novel #6 and planning novel #7 and planning the remainder of the Lazy Designer series. As well I recently released my open source writing organizer. So, I’ve been busy. I’ve also resumed playing around with the Unity game engine and am making […]

Just Because

Busy diving into novel #6. This is as much of a post as I’ll manage for a bit.

“Slaying Dragons” In Plasma Frequency Plus a CONTEST!

My story, “Slaying Dragons” is available to read in the latest issue of Plasma Frequency Magazine. You are able to download the issue (and past issues) and read them on a variety of devices (Kindle, PDF, ePub, et cetera). Please check it out and let me know what you think of the story! And if […]

Game Design Scripting — Free Excerpt

Over on the Kindle my scripting excerpt from Book 2 of the Lazy Designer series is free (until end of week). Downloading a copy will give you an idea of the content available in the Lazy Designer books. International Links: UK Canada Germany France Italy Spain Japan Brazil * Remember, you don’t need a Kindle […]

Table of Contents: Lazy Designer Book 3 – Exploration and Gameplay

I’m sure the crafty reader has figured out my plan, in regards to releasing the Table of Contents for the past books and there is no surprise that today, I reveal the contents of the third book in the Lazy Designer series. Here’s the blurb: Brent Knowles continues his Lazy Designer series with a look […]

Table of Contents: Lazy Designer Book 2 – Making the Next Game

The other day I posted the table of contents for the first book, so I figured I should do the same for the second! Tomorrow I’ll post the table of contents for Book 3. Here’s the blurb: Practical advice for designers already working in the games industry and wishing to hone their skills as well […]

Table of Contents – Lazy Designer: How to Start a Career in Game Design

I don’t think I have ever posted the table of contents for any of the Lazy Designer books, so figured I would rectify that now. Here’s what is inside the first book in the Lazy Designer series. First, the blurb: Practical advice on starting a career in the video game industry and improving your design […]