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Another Revised Novel

Just finished revisions on another novel. There’s well established advice that you should never fiddle with a completed manuscript unless being asked to do so by an editor, but I do find myself drawn towards re-editing. Often this is because of specific comments on a rejected manuscript. This particular bout of editing however sprung from more general comments an editor gave to a rejected short story of mine. His verbose comments pointed out several errors I make, often, in my work.

So anyways, the problem with having five written novels, is that when I see such useful comments, I’m compelled to go through my past work and edit… all five of them. This takes time.

So far Novel #5 & Novel #3 have been revised. I’ll start on Novel #2, next.

This editing pass however is background work to my main tasks. I’m busy proofreading Lazy Designer #3 and writing the rough draft of Lazy #4. It still looks like I should have Lazy #3 ready by the end of the month. I am also writing the plan for Novel #6 (the sequel to Novel #5). Once Lazy #3 is out I’ll dive into writing that full-time and hope to have it completed before end of summer. At that point I’ll finish the last two Lazy Designer books.

Anyways, I’m heading back outside to enjoy the weather.

(Also, another reminder to check out a recent post by Drew Karpyshyn on his blog where he talks about the process he uses to write novels.)

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