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A car combat skirmish game played at a fast and furious pace. Loaded with sweet customizable high quality miniatures. My former BioWare colleague has a Kickstarter for his tabletop car combat game! Check out his Kickstarter page!

Just Like Old Times…

Lazy Designer Book 3 is almost ready to go. I’m just reviewing the uploaded copy on the Kindle Previewer. I’m treating this much like I would treat the release of a game. As I go through the near-final draft I’m spot-fixing any poorly worded phrases I encounter, in the source material, but unless I encounter […]

“A Terrible Loyalty” in @OnSpecMagazine

Delighted to announce that my story, “A Terrible Loyalty” is now available in issue #92 of “On Spec Magazine”. This story marks my fourth appearance in On Spec (“A Ragman’s Vow”, “From the Sea”, and “Touch the Dead” showed up there in past issues). Special thanks to Diane Walton, the managing editor of On Spec, […]

My kids made me post this…

My family has jumped onto the Minecraft party rather late, but if you want some fun Minecraft accessories, check out this instructables page: It has templates for creating most of the creatures and blocks from Minecraft out of paper. My folding skills kind of suck, but I’ve managed to successfully implement several of the […]

If you read Dutch… (game AI)

While doing some clean up on the Lazy Designer I stumbled (again) across the site of Pieter Spronck. I met him several years ago while he was researching adaptive game AI. One of the games he was using was Neverwinter Nights. Anyways if you read Dutch you can read his discussion on the meeting he […]

Another Revised Novel

Just finished revisions on another novel. There’s well established advice that you should never fiddle with a completed manuscript unless being asked to do so by an editor, but I do find myself drawn towards re-editing. Often this is because of specific comments on a rejected manuscript. This particular bout of editing however sprung from […]

Sale: “Slaying Dragons” to Plasma Frequency Magazine

Plasma Frequency Magazine has accepted my story “Slaying Dragons” for publication in an upcoming issue of their magazine! I am not sure which issue it will appear in, but when it is available, I’ll make another post. For now, consider heading over to their current issue and checking out some of the stories. Free downloads […]

My Spring Office Has Opened

This is where I did my writing today. Very pleased to be able to brave the outdoors now that the snow is gone. Also, do take a look at a recent post by Drew Karpyshyn on his blog where he talks about the process he uses to write novels. Drew has written Star Wars and […]