Great White Sells!


Decided I should mention the anthology sale I alluded to in a previous post. I was waiting for the official announcement of the table of contents I’ll be sharing with other writers, but given that a few others have mentioned selling to the anthology, I figured I should too.

Anyways, I’m very pleased that Crossed Genres has accepted my story “Great White” for their superhero themed anthology “Oomph: A little super goes a long way”.

They do not have a dedicated page for the anthology available but if you are curious about Crossed Genres, or the various publications they produce (including a fiction magazine), you will find more details here:

A brief blurb from their submission guidelines:
“It’s easy to save the day when you’re invulnerable, can fly, or can punch through steel. But what if you’re just… really calloused? Or can hover for three seconds? Or can only punch through things made of aluminum?”

I think this will be a fun anthology and I’m excited to read it (and meet all the strange characters the other authors have created!)

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