Monthly Archives: March 2013

Great White Sells!

Decided I should mention the anthology sale I alluded to in a previous post. I was waiting for the official announcement of the table of contents I’ll be sharing with other writers, but given that a few others have mentioned selling to the anthology, I figured I should too. Anyways, I’m very pleased that Crossed […]


I’ve been super busy (and not distracted at all by the spring weather), but here’s a brief update. Edits on the third book in the Lazy Designer series are going well, albeit slower than I anticipated. This is partly because I’m about to release a _software thingy_ (not a game). I’m also preparing a story […]

“Magic Circles” sells to Perihelion!

Perihelion Magazine has accepted my story, “Magic Circles” for publication in a future issue of their online science fiction magazine. I am looking forward to seeing my story on the site. If you haven’t read any of the fiction there, please check it out. This is my second sale this month, though I haven’t mentioned […]