Monthly Archives: February 2013

Doors (Lazy Designer #3 Excerpt)

I realize I have not been posting much game design related information to this blog, so here’s a snippet from the rough copy of the next Lazy Designer book. This excerpt is from the systems chapter of Lazy Designer #3 : Designing Gameplay (now available on Amazon). Doors Doors seem simple, at least in our […]

Short Story Grumblings

I wrote a lot of short stories last year. These, added to my existing inventory, mean I am marketing something like thirty short stories, most of which I try to keep submitted (at a market, under consideration) at any given moment. Over the past few days I started going through those submissions which had overdue […]

Not Another Lego Picture

Still no real news to report so here’s a bit of a status update. First, progress on the Lazy Designer Book 3 is slow. And it has decided to reproduce. This is the book on gameplay and it seems that I have more to say on the subject than I initially imagined. I have almost […]