Monthly Archives: December 2012

2012 Wrap-up

These stories of mine made their appearance in 2012: “Touch the Dead” On Spec Magazine “Summer Lover” Shroud Magazine “Proof in the Pudding” Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Flush Fiction “The Onion Farmer” Aoife’s Kiss “Stone Eater” Abyss and Apex “Foolish Wishes, Fairly Kisses” “Nikki 2.3” The Journal Of Unlikely Entomology I wrote about 330 […]

Snowy Fence

The backyard view a couple weeks ago. Also: I’ve finished the second draft of Novel #5. Should be ready to send off in a week or so. Now I must go shopping…

New Novel: Quiver by Jason Fischer

Jason Fischer has recently released his novel, “Quiver” through Black House Comics. Blurbs from the publisher: “A story about growing up fast in a world that doesn’t want you to live… Quiver is an adventure story suitable for teenage readers and older. If you liked The Hunger Games, The Stand or The Passage, this book […]

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

My friends over at Overhaul Games have released Baldur’s Gate, the Enhanced Edition! If you were a fan of the original or just want to see what Baldur’s Gate was all about I encourage you to check this out. I’ve played the PC version over the past few months and it certainly brought back a […]

Holiday Stuff

On the off chance that some of you are thinking of checking out my stories this holiday season, here’s a short summary. Probably the most gift-able item with my writing in it right now is Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader – Flush Fiction which contains my story ‘Proof in the Pudding’. I also have three stories […] #21 Available

While taking a break I noticed that Issue #21 over at is now available. This is the fifth anniversary of the free online magazine and my story “Foolish Wishes, Fairy Kisses” is in it! There’s also a bio page for each author where you can learn a bit more about us (read mine here). […]