Another Story Sells to On Spec Magazine!!

In case you think I’m just repeating myself, this is not the same post as my earlier announcement.

This science fiction story is called ‘Sin and Toil’ and I’m very pleased that they’ve chosen it.

For those of you counting this makes six stories that I’ve placed with On Spec. Three have been published already. I am not sure when the other three will show up in print but I imagine at least one will appear in 2013.

The stories that are available are:
A Ragman’s Vow
From the Sea
Touch the Dead

And the stories that have yet to appear:
A Terrible Loyalty
A Primer on the Ins and Outs of Building Bliss
Sin and Toil

Of course I’ll let you all know when these become available.

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  • Mordi Peshkess

    That’s great. I think it’s time I grab a subscription to that magazine. Maybe put on my Christmas list. I’ve been a good boy for most of the first and second quarter of this year though I did have some slip ups for the third quarter but I hope the forth quarter will make up for it. ;)

    I’m not sure if you got the time to do any reading but I recommend you check a book called Carnival of Fear. It’s an old Ravenloft and it’s probably the most un-DnD book you’ll ever read.

    Anyways, enjoy your ever growing success. 

    PS: Have you thought about maybe doing a podcast with you and Drew Karpyshyn. I would love to hear you thought on sci-fi, writing, games and the likes. Like the interview you did with him but unfortunately could not post it. maybe…fingers crossed…

  • George

    Thanks and congrats! :-) And I liked it and tweeted it but theres seams to be now FB or linkedin button…..

  • David Forbes

    Congratulations!  It’s great to see your stuff making grade.  Cheers!

  • Vince Perriello

    Congratulations, looks like the snowball is really rolling now!

  • Heidi Wagler

    That’s awesome!!

  • jlangfel


  • Jaclyn Anne


  • Dan Stepel

    Wow great news you are on quite the roll.

  • Justin Wheeler

    Tremendous news! :)

    When is the novel coming?
    I can imagine the satisfaction every time someone buys a story.  Do they get an exclusive on them?

  • Claudiu Gabriel

    Really great news, good luck :)

  • ComicCon

    Great news. Congratulations

  • Stjepan

    Brent, please don’t write stories about aliens, I’m Afraid. :) btw. thank you so much. Good Luck my friend. :)

  • Harold Gardner

    Congrats on your great success!  That sense of accomplishment is such an amazing feeling…and the checks don’t hurt either!

  • M. Jones


  • amalik

    Congrats ! This was probably deserved ;-)

  • Marian Gurowicz

    Congratulations!  That is such exciting news and must make you feel like a million.  Each story that gets accepted will provide you the beliefs you need to add to your portfolio.  Keep up the good work.

  • Semen Frish

    Congrats :)

  • Dimitrios Jimmy

    that’s great!

  • Dave from EA

     Congratulations Brent!

  • John Philpin

    many congrats brent – many congrats

  • Paula

    Congratulations Brent!!

  • donfre

    I am so happy for you. BIG congrats on this success. I always admired writers for their imagination and sensitivity for details.

  • Brent Knowles


    Thanks! I believe On Spec has digital subscriptions too, or they were looking into it.  Anyways, glad to hear that you are back on track, this quarter :)

    I’ve had Carnival of Fear recommended a few times, it is definitely on the list to read. Unfortunately that list is massive and neverending…

    As for the podcast that might be something I’ll look into in the future. Talking with Drew was great and he has a lot of insights.

  • Brent Knowles

    Thanks, George

  • Brent Knowles

    David, thank you! I’m very pleased!

  • Brent Knowles

    It is, Vince. Thank you.

  • Brent Knowles



    I still have to sell the novel though (and the other four I’ve written) but I’m hoping it won’t be long now.

    As for the short stories, most magazines get an exclusive on the story but it only last for a specific chunk of time. Once the time expires the story becomes mine again, to sell as a reprint or whatever.

  • Brent Knowles

    I’ll try to avoid aliens in the future :)

  • Brent Knowles

    Agreed! Thanks.

  • Brent Knowles

    Thanks, Marian.

  • Brent Knowles


  • Brent Knowles

    Thank you, Paula

  • Mike Riley

    Congrats again Brent! Here’s to your continued success!

  • Michelle Gilstrap

    This is great news Brent, Congrats

  • Brent Knowles

    Thank you, Mike.

  • Brent Knowles

    Thanks, Michelle!