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The Call Back

I set goals (tasks I want to accomplish during a year) and I list milestones (things I hope to achieve but do not have direct control over). So far I’ve met, or am close to meeting, all my goals for the year, which is fairly standard for me. If I have work to do, I do it.

I haven’t had nearly enough success reaching certain milestones, unfortunately. A couple days ago, that changed.

I’ll need to back up to explain.

Generally, for the genres I write in, to sell a novel to a publisher requires sending a synopsis (summary of the main action and development in the novel) and a couple sample chapters. I’ve been submitting novels to publishers for a few years now (since placing in the Writers of the Future Contest) and I’ve been writing at least a new novel every year.

The milestone I’ve been reaching for during that time was to have the publisher reply back and request the full novel. Basically that would mean they found the initial work interesting enough that they are willing to commit the time to read the remainder of the novel. It is the next step towards selling the novel (not a guarantee by any means but certainly promising.)

A few days ago a major publisher asked to see the full manuscript of Novel #3!

The manuscript is now in their hands and I have more waiting to do. But I’m pleased and it is nice boost of confidence as well. I don’t know what the probilities are for a full manuscript request turning into an offer (and I don’t want to know) but I’m ecstatic that they want to read my novel.

More news as I receive it.

(And nope, this isn’t the second bit of good news I mentioned in my recent post about selling a story to On Spec Magazine. This is new news.)

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