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Just a quick update.

As many of you know I have several story reprints available on Amazon as well as the first two volumes in the Lazy Designer series.

Up until now I have also had the same content available on Smashwords. Smashwords is a great service because it distributes work onto multiple platforms, including Apple’s iBooks and Kobo.

But as convenient as it is to have Smashwords distribute for me I’m finding that the vast majority of my sales are still occurring on Amazon. And unfortunately, for me at least, the process of getting the Lazy Designer books to work properly with Smashword’s formatting tools has been time consuming. So, going forward, I do not think I’ll be adding new content to Smashwords — though I will not remove what is there. It is not worth my time, given the much lower return, to try and deal with the formatting issues.

If at a point I get a large clamor for my content to be available through Smashwords — or other distributors — I’ll look into it again. It is just for now that I’d rather be focused on writing new content and not messing around with formatting.

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  • Luba Brezhnev

    I agree Smashwords and Amazon cover the whole market. Thank you for this article, Brent!

  • Mordi Peshkess

    Maybe somewhere down the road you can have someone else doing the conversion for you while you can concentrate on writing new material. 

  • Brent Knowles

    Certainly a possibility. I’m pretty sure there are services out there where I could pay somebody to convert it properly for me. Might be something I look into once the Lazy Designer series is complete.