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It seems that I now exist…

Hi. I’m back. For a little bit anyways.

The main reason for the long silence on this blog is that I’ve been busy. I’m heading into the last few months of the year and still have several goals I need to reach. I’m a few chapters shy of finishing the rough draft for novel#5 — should be done by end of October — but I also need to review and revise it by year’s end. I also have to write the third Lazy Designer game design handbook (about design specializations). So lots of writing related work remaining.

I’m also doing some contract testing for a soon to be released game. Not a lot of time being spent on it but enough to eat into the time I’d normally spend online. Oh, and I’ve also started playing XCOM Enemy Unknown which is a fantastic game.

Anyways that’s the update. Enjoy the rest of your week.

(As an aside, and the reason for the odd title on this entry: during a brief bout of ego surfing I stumbled across a wikipedia entry written about myself. The link, if you’d like to check out the rather brief bio:

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.


  • Mordi Peshkess

    Which game are you testing? I know I know, can’t reveal yet but I hope you write about it at some point after release. Nice you are having fun With Xcom Enemy Unknown. I played a ton of UFO Defense and¬†Apocalypse¬†back in the day and I am very interested in it but I eventually went with Dishonored as I am a massive Thief fan and sucker for Steam Punk. Glad to say ¬†that [Dishonored] is also a fantastic game. The game oozes art direction and atmosphere. If you are a fan of the Thief games I would¬†recommend¬†you checking it out.¬†

    How’s Xcom then? Are you¬†finding¬†it as deep as as the other ones were? Did Firaxis kept the meta game that the old ones had like¬†getting¬†extra funds from countries you defend or extra raw¬†minerals¬†and that kind of stuff.¬†

    I know you are pressed for time but I would appreciate it if you can post a more in-depth piece about it. 


  • Brent Knowles

    >> How’s Xcom then? Are you finding it as deep as as the other ones were? Did Firaxis kept the meta game that the old ones had like getting extra funds from countries you defend or extra raw minerals and that kind of stuff.¬†

    No time for a detailed review but with the few hours I’ve put into I can say:

    1. It feels like the old games. I don’t honestly remember if it as deep but there is a fair bit of customizing you can do. You choose which areas of the world to pay attention to — and this affects their panic levels and I think influences how much money you make. You choose how to build your base, what research paths to take, what items to build.

    2. I find it a tense game, where I’m really thinking about what I’m doing. I’m not sure how deep this is either and probably won’t really scratch more than the surface of it because I doubt I’ll have time to even do one play thru.

    In general the game reminds me of my old XCom playthrus and I’m having a fair bit of fun with it. I might do a more detailed review later but if not I found Erik Kain’s write up good:¬†

  • Mordi Peshkess

    Forbes are bringing it down with their video game coverage. Thanks for the link. 

    btw,¬†congrates¬†on your wikipedia entry. I guess you know you’ve made it once you have your own entry on wikipedia… ;).¬†

    I’ll make sure to fill it with half truths and dead links “wink, Wink”. Just kidding.¬†

    Also, enjoyed your interview with¬†blogcritics. Cool to see you like to cook. Maybe sometimes you can do a cooking blog. We’ll share¬†recipes¬†like old ladies.¬†

  • Brent Knowles

    Feel free to add whatever you want to the Wikipedia entry. Controversy is always fun :)

     I actually did create a recipe sharing site, just using it with family right now but one day when I get every other project I have in the way complete I was thinking of cleaning it up enough to open to the public.

  • Targos

    Hey Mr Knowles! I didnt know you was a writer as well as a designer, Did you do any writing for Dragon age or just pure lead designer? Not to bash dragon age 2 but the writing quaility and lack of coherence in dragon age 2 compared to DAO was very clear to me. I guess DA2 had a very short dev time though.

  • Brent Knowles


    Hi. Nope, ¬†didn’t do any writing for Dragon Age — just technical design and management stuff. I think the only game I did any dialog writing for at all was BG2 and that was just a little bit. On some projects I wrote item descriptions or soundsets, if the writing team was getting behind schedule though, but that’s about it.

    Thanks for stopping by and take care.

    – Brent

  • Jack

    Hello Mr Knowles. Good to know you liked your wikipedia entry cause I wrote it. Actually, I just copied it from the dragon age wikia, but anyway. Some guy tried to deleted it but I made sure you have enough notability!

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