Monthly Archives: October 2012

Back at it

Over the weekend I attended STARFest, a literary festival in St. Albert. There, I had the opportunity to interview former BioWare coworker Drew Karpyshyn. I think the interview went well. The main focus of the presentation was exploring how to write evil characters, specifically his work with the Darth Bane novels, but extending to Mass […]

Guest Blogging over at GamrRank!

GamrRank has posted a guest blog I wrote for them:

Reviews for Nikki 2.3

My story ‘Nikki 2.3’, currently available at The Journal Of Unlikely Entomology, has had a couple of reviews come in. Most recently, there’s a positive review from Sam Tomaino at SFRevu: “Our narrator here, is also “female”, a sexbot A.I. that is stuck in a computer, abandoned by he boss, HotDawg. She finds a way […]

It seems that I now exist…

Hi. I’m back. For a little bit anyways. The main reason for the long silence on this blog is that I’ve been busy. I’m heading into the last few months of the year and still have several goals I need to reach. I’m a few chapters shy of finishing the rough draft for novel#5 — […]