Got GamrCred?

The team who created Empire Avenue have launced a new sister site, oriented towards gamers called Gamrcred.

“GamrCred™ is your ultimate rank based on how you play, what you say and the respect you earn”

So congrats to the team for putting together a slick looking site. Gamrcred is going to be invite only for a while, but I might be able to get invite keys for a few people. If you are interested toss me an email at my address.

Want to learn more about it? Check out the blog:

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Brent Knowles

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  • Mordi

    Nice, will check that one for sure. 

    PS: What do you think about the Black Isle comback even if it is only by name…for now. 

  • Brent Knowles


    Hi. Hadn’t actually heard about Black Isle’s comeback until you mentioned it. I’m curious if they try to bring back any of the original devs; otherwise it just seems to be a grab for attention.

  • Mordi

    That’s what I thought seeing how most of the original devs have moved on to open Obsidian. For now one can hope. Rumors are flying in all direction which is probably what interplay wanted. Frankly I can’t believe Interplay is still around. 

    Still, with the revival of Baldur’s Gate and now this it still gives me hope for traditional RPG games. Despite what other companies wants us to think.