Edge of the World

I received a copy of this book a few years back at the Writers of the Future workshop. Kevin gave each writer there a signed copy.

Though I was curious to check this original fantasy series out, I’ve had a bunch of ‘research writing’ to finish over the past few years (seriously, I’m that book-logged). Anyways, this why it has taken me so long to get to it, since I don’t generally give myself much time just for ‘fun reading’.

I enjoyed ‘The Edge of the World’. It is a nice take on the ‘low magic’ setting that seems relatively popular in fantasy writing nowadays. It has a strong emphasis on exploration and discovery, which I really enjoyed. There’s a host of interesting characters, cultures, and events and I’m curious where the other volumes go (It is the first book in a trilogy).

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  • http://twitter.com/writerrat Laurie Tom

    I finally got to Edge to the World just a few months ago and finished Map of All Things earlier this month.  I had a fun time with the series. :)  The Key to Creation paperback is on pre-order.

  • http://blog.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Yeah I’ll pick up the other volumes once I catch up on my reading.