Monthly Archives: June 2012

I guess I’m old

This letter was transcribed from what my eldest kid said during a show and tell when he had three different things to show the class.

Edge of the World

I received a copy of this book a few years back at the Writers of the Future workshop. Kevin gave each writer there a signed copy. Though I was curious to check this original fantasy series out, I’ve had a bunch of ‘research writing’ to finish over the past few years (seriously, I’m that book-logged). […]

How Old Is It Part 2

For those of you who have been on the edge of your seats waiting for the final date/manufacturer of the landspeeder from a couple days ago, I finally tracked it down.

How Old Is It?

So anybody want to guess how old this toy is? And the company that made it? UPDATE: The answer revealed

Look what came in the mail

Yep, my contributor copies for Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader “Flush Fiction” arrived! Still trying to figure out the best room in the house to keep my copy… UPDATE: Yeah, probably should have mentioned that my story ‘Proof in the Pudding’ is in this. UPDATE #2: You can buy the anthology over at Amazon but you […]

Hiring a Contractor

Yeah, I know a post on home renovation contractors probably seems unrelated to most of what I post here but I thought it was relevant. Well, not really. I was just mostly kind of annoyed. In the past we’ve had great experiences with contractors and terrible experiences. The terrible experiences have *always* been with companies […]

Another way to read my writing…

I get asked this occasionally so consider this a refresher post on how you can read my previously published short stories. 1. Using my Bibliography you can track down the original magazine issue where the story appeared. 2. You can use AnthologyBuilder and create your own book 3. You can buy some of these stories […]