Monthly Archives: April 2012

Dave Gross joins as writer for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

For those of you following the progress of the new Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, I just wanted to share the word that Dave Gross has joined their team. Dave’s a fantastic writer. He has several published novels and I encourage you to check them out. He’s also a skilled editor. More importantly — to […]

I knew them when…

Hey, I’m still busy moving and doing edits on the novel. Hence the relative silence online. That said I do want to highlight some good news. Two Writers of the Future winners from the same year as me have received Nebula nominations. Huge (and belated) congrats out to Tom and Brad. Since they are nominated […]

Fantasy Stories

With the publication of ‘Stone Eater‘ I now have four published fantasy stories. The other three are: From the Sea The Monastery The Tale of Lady Spite And I have another 3 sold and awaiting publication: Onion Farmer Bone Dreaming The Daughter’s Oath All of these fantasy stories share the same world though I suspect […]

My (3rd) Largest Online Community

I’ve been building up various social networks over the past few years in an attempt to learn more about social networking and to also increase my visibility as a writer (and hopefully find readers). This morning I was rather horrified/amused to realize that my third largest online gathering ‘place’ was a test site I had […]

Read Now: Stone Eater

Delighted to see that my story ‘Stone Eater’ is now available to read at Abyss and Apex, the online magazine of speculative fiction. This fantasy story was one of the first I finished writing after retiring from BioWare. Best of all the story is free to read at the Abyss and Apex website for a […]