‘Touch the Dead’ now available

My latest story is now available! ‘Touch the Dead’ appears in On Spec #87 (Winter 2011/2012) issue. This is my third story to be published in On Spec.

The best way to read the story is to get a subscription to the magazine. I believe you can also order single issues of the magazine instead… and there is a digital subscription option too.

Lois Tilton from Locus has already put up a favorable review:

While riding with his girlfriend, driving too fast, a ghostly encounter runs him off the road… Brian is haunted everywhere by hostile ghosts.

Read the entire review.

‘Touch the Dead’ is also set in the same universe as the third novel I’ve completed (‘Defeating the Purpose’). I have more to say about the background behind writing this story (part of the story actually happened) but I’ll save that for a later post.

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    Lay your ghost to rest, Brent.

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    Thank you for the into sounds interesting, great to meet a creative writer

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    Sounds good, Brent

  • Candace Mountain

    I saw a ghost once, it still freaks me out a little.

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    Good luck with your book. Looks Awesome!

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  • http://blog.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Ghosts can be freaky. Though my scariest encounter was actually with a Sasquatch.

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