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2011 Wrap-up

So how did I do in 2011, writing-wise? Overall, I was very productive. I had set myself a lower word target goal than I had managed in 2010 (I had anticipated having less writing time) but I actually ended up exceeding that, writing over 430 000 words. About 130 000 of those words were written in November and the first two weeks of December as I completed my nanowrimo novel.

Unfortunately on other fronts the year was more disappointing. I met my quota of sales but still did not manage any ‘pro’ level sales (though I’m thrilled to have broken into a couple new markets that I really enjoy reading).

Additionally several stories that I had sold earlier seemed to be stalled in getting to press… I had expected at least three of my forthcoming stories to have appeared in 2011.

New Stories Published in 2011
“Stealing Death” — Necrotic Tissue #13, 2011
“Lazy Designer Book 1” – Starting a Career in Videogame Design

Forthcoming Stories
“Bone Dreaming” — Darwin’s Evolutions
“Summer Lover” — Shroud #12
“The Daughter’s Oath” — Through Blood and Iron Anthology
“Touch the Dead” — On Spec
“Stone Eater” — Abyss and Apex
“Onion Farmer” — Aoife’s Kiss
“Kyle’s Plan” — On Spec

This year I sent 197 submissions out, up from 171 the year before.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.


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