On Spec Subscriptions for the Holidays (and an announcement)

As a different sort of gift for the readers you know you might consider giving them a magazine subscription. I’ve always enjoyed getting magazine subscriptions, especially when they were to magazine I might not otherwise have known about.

If you know somebody interested in fiction — specifically science fiction, fantasy, and horror — might I suggest On Spec Magazine? This is a fantastic Canadian magazine and I’m not just saying it because I’ve sold three stories to them (“A Ragman’s Vow”, “From the Sea” and “Touch the Dead”). I was a fan of the magazine long before I started selling fiction to them.

So if you are interested, the subscription link is here.

Oh and if you’ve read this far I’m pleased to announce that I’ve sold a fourth story to them: “Kyle’s Plan.” What is Kyle’s plan? Well maybe if you get a subscription you’ll find out :)

Both “Kyle’s Plan” and “Touch the Dead” will be appearing in forthcoming issues (though I doubt both will appear next year… but that’s what 2 year subscriptions are for, right?)

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome Brent.  Keep it up.  I might have to start writing short stories myself.  See where my talent leads me.

  • http://blog.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Thanks Roger. Good luck… let me know if you try your hand at them!