Monthly Archives: November 2011

Why living on a corner lot is a bad idea

So I still managed to get 3000 words written today despite this: It turned out that our neighbor decided to back into the fence. Judging by the damage I actually think the driver was settling some cosmic score between them and the fence. Three full sections of fence destroyed and two posts snapped. I had […]

Recent Story Sales

Realized that I hadn’t paired titles with markets for my two recent sales so here goes: I sold my fantasy story ‘Onion Farmer‘ in October to Aoife’s Kiss and my more recent sale to Abyss and Apex is another fantasy story called ‘Stone Eater‘. As always I’ll let you know when these stories are available […]

Empire Avenue Nominated for Mashable Award

I am excited that Empire Avenue has been nominated for a Mashable Award! This is the blog post from Empire about the nomination and this is a link to a recent article explaining why this is such a big deal. Vote for Empire Avenue here. And thanks!

Nanowrimo complete!

So I passed the 50 000 word target for my first Nanowrimo. I’m pleased with my progress. I’ve been writing 3000 words or more on most weekdays (not so much on the weekends as that is family time, though I did add a few hundred words each weekend). Though I’m pleased I’m anticipating this novel […]

Aurora Awards 2011

Congratulations to the Aurora Award winners for 2011! Very pleased to see that Hayden Trenholm’s story the “Burden of Fire” won for Best English story. My story ‘The Kol Effect’ was in that same issue of Neo-Opsis. That’s the second time I’ve shared space with one of Hayden’s stories; my first sale to On Spec […]

Something Different

I’ve mentioned numerous ways for you to read reprints of my previously published works on various ‘ebook’ devices but for those dedicated to print there’s a option for you too. There’s a cool site called AnthologyBuilder where you can peruse hundreds of previously published stories and assemble your own anthology. Then they’ll print it and […]

Facebook Messages… gone missing

So I just realized I was missing a lot of Facebook messages. This article explains it all. Anyways, going through the messages has taken a bit of time (though I still managed another 3000 words towards my Nano novel). Going forward I’d urge you, if you want to talk to me in a timely fashion, […]

New review for Digital Rights

‘Digital Rights’ my Writers of the Future winning story just received a new review today. “Digital Rights kept me interested. I was hooked right away, and I didn’t stop reading until I finished, despite its being fairly long for a short story at 12K words. There are a number of really good things about the […]

Updates and Stuff and Penguins

Just some quick updates. Nanowrimo progress going well. I passed 22 000 words today on my Wanderer novel (if you don’t know what I’m talking about see this and this). I’ve also done a lot of reading, probably will toss up some reviews this weekend. As if that’s not enough I’ve serious work on my […]

Recommended: Teamworkpm

Yep, I’ve been quiet around here. I’m in the midst of nanowrimo, striving towards writing the rough draft for novel 4 this month. However I did want to make mention of some software that I’ve been using recently. It is a web-based task/project management tool called Teamworkpm. What do I like about it? It is […]