Monthly Archives: October 2011

300 000 Words Written

Every year I assign myself various goals. Recently I’ve completed two of them… finishing my third novel and writing 300 000 words for the year. The latter occurred sometime yesterday. I knew I would not be as productive this year (the kids are home with me more now) as last but I still wanted to […]

Story sale to Aoife’s Kiss

Pleased this morning to learn that Aoife’s Kiss has accepted one of my fantasy stories, scheduled to appear in an issue next year. I’ll send out details and reminders on where to find the issue when it becomes available!

Empire Avenue Stuff and Things

In my quest to fabricate a purpose for my brand new and shiny blog I’ve decided that most of my Empire Avenue musings will be posted there instead of on this blog (which will remain focused on writing and game design). If something amazingly awesome happens I might crosspost but generally if you care […]


Yep, this is about the extent of my craft skills.

It is finished… again!

I’ve finished the second draft of Novel #3! What does this mean? I have a novel that I could start submitting to publishers (though I am *not* going to start submitting it just yet… more on that, below.) This revision has taken longer than I expected partly because I expended more energy on completing and […]

Read This: Stealing Death by Brent Knowles

Cynthia’s fingers clutched the steering wheel tightly as she drove the beach road, her headlights barely cutting through the summer night’s fog. Steve wanted to apologize but did not know how. “We’re going back tomorrow,” she said. “I tried,” Steve protested, hating how weak his words sounded. She sighed. “Damn it Steven, you acted like […]

Read This: Digital Rights by Brent Knowles (Writers of the Future Winning Story)

The Assistant responsible for the primary thruster arrangement killed itself just ten days after Izzy arrived on the solar station. The panicked chatter of the other Assistants prevented them from continuing with their own duties. Horror, speculation, and worse of all, wonder, flowed across the station’s network. Izzy had to stop it. And it was […]

Read: A Ragman’s Vow by Brent Knowles

(Ragman, Issue #14) Below the slum known as the Labyrinth, Ragman sits atop an overturned crate, half submerged by sewage. Rats cover him. “Stop with the puppy dog eyes,” Ragman says to them, “you won’t make me feel guilty about leaving the boy…” The cab stopped. Dan’s fake-leather shoes stepped into dry snow, and he […]

Read: The End of the Road by Brent Knowles

Wanderer looked down in satisfaction as he walked the old mountain road and saw the town below him. The stagnation of the human race was at an end and the survivors were now rebuilding. So ended the apocalypse. Wanderer continued towards this hotel from his past, an old, sprawling structure sitting high atop a cliff, […]

Read: The Prophet by Brent Knowles

The helicopter disappears beyond the horizon and Wanderer returns his attention to the laptop sitting awkwardly on his knees, sharing space with a can of cold beans. He digs into the beans with a plastic spork as he views the web site behind his dust-covered screen. A photo of a large man with wide, powerful […]