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So I’ve come to recognize that I wear many hats. I’m a retired game designer, a writer, a software developer, and a consultant. I also blog and I’m (somewhat) active on various social media sites.

While wearing the vast majority of my hats I truly want to encourage others to connect with me. I enjoy talking about writing, or engaging with other users on Empire Avenue, or passing on game design advice.

However many people seem interested in only one thing: for me to talk about my time at BioWare! Again, I like taking my experiences and generalizing them to pull out useful bits of game design advice. And in all honestly I do *like* talking about my time at BioWare, overall it was a great experience. But sometimes the conversations have turned somewhat sour… it becoming clear that somebody is looking for me to dish out dirt or to reveal secrets and whatnot.

This is the point in the blog where I should say “STOP ASKING ME ABOUT BIOWARE!” But I’m far too kind to shout that loudly. Instead I’d like to suggest the following:

– Feel free to e-mail me, or post comments here, about writing, game design, social media and anything and everything that doesn’t directly relate to BioWare. I’d love to have more conversations of this nature.
– If you really want the inside scoop on BioWare then head over to Empire Avenue and join my Robot’s Minion community. The community is private enough that I can talk a bit more openly about things but not so private that I’ll say anything I shouldn’t. Feel free to post questions about BioWare there and if either of us step out of line the other Minions will step in :)

As an added benefit when you join the community I’ll buy shares in you and spam you occasionally whenever I release new stories or Lazy Designer books. There may even be the occasional freebie and possibly cake.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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