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One of the fun experiences we had at the Writers of the Future event last year was to sign books.
Several authors gave us tips on how to write good inscriptions. Nina Kiriki Hoffman was especially helpful, spending time with me at the bbq and giving me advice on writing something memorable. I won’t reveal all the advice I was given (go and enter the Contest for yourself!) but the key was to create a phrase that resonated with what the story was about.

Some of the other winners came up with cool inscriptions but I wasn’t happy with mine (don’t even remember what I wrote now, to be honest).

What is my point?

In the past month I have received a few Kindlegraph requests (readers can now ask for a digital inscription on their Kindle from an author) and basically this is just a post to apologize to those waiting for me to create inscriptions for them. I will, eventually, I promise.
But only when I think of something perfect!

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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