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Lazy Designer Content… Update

I’m still working towards releasing the first book in the Lazy Designer game design series. Things have slowed a bit though because I’ve hit a few snags.
I had (foolishly) thought by releasing only the first book, I could get things written more quickly and have an eBook available soon. The problem I’ve ran into is that (and yes, this should have been obvious) I need to plan the full series out before I can release the first book.
I need to do this to ensure that any material in my notes for later books that would be more appropriate in the first book actually ends up in the first book! So while I’m busy editing book 1 I’ve been building up a proper and detailed outline of the rest of the book and yes, I’m finding content that needs to be presented earlier.
I have also realized that the way I’ve been writing random blog posts and then hoping they’ll be easily inserted into books was also a bit foolish. Pretty much everything has ended up getting a serious rewrite.
So that means there won’t be any new Lazy Designer content on the site for a while. Going forward I want to make sure I understand where new content should fit into the master outline for the entire series before I write it.

I’ll end with a question… it looks like each ‘book’ will sit at 20 000 words, with some of the later volumes being a tad longer than the earlier ones. Does this seem too short / too long?

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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