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I recently finished reading issue #20 of the Canadian Science Fiction Magazine Neo-Opsis. A good read, in all, my favorite is probably “Botch’s Heretic” by Cheryl Wood Ruggiero, about a created troll in the service of an evil witch. The commentary in the magazine by editor Karl Johanson also lead me to fleshing out my ‘Designing Frustration‘ series of articles, which was a bonus.

I also had the pleasure to read Tesseracts Twelve, which I bought almost a year ago at the Pure Spec festival here in Edmonton (where Randy McCharles signed his Aurora Award winning story “Ringing the Changes in Okotoks, Alberta” for me). All the stories in this collection were fantastic and I was treated to everything from a very original superhero story to the unusual impact of a full environmental collapse in the future. Very recommended.

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