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    Making Monsters

    Overview A while ago I discussed designing areas. As with areas it is vital to understand the purpose of the creatures you are designing. What will they will do, how they will be used, and why they are needed? Not only do artists and audio and animation need to have the time and resources to build the required creatures but the game engine needs to be capable of rendering and using the creatures in the way you intend. A boss monster that players fight once in a grand, blood-splattering final battle has significantly different cost than the lowly goblin they’ll fight horde after horde of. Even Monsters Have a Reason…

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    Yep, I have an account there too. Still playing around with it. I like the ease in which I can group people… Facebook keeps on muddling its list functionality. And in general I prefer all things Google. Not overly active there yet but we’ll see. Right now I’m mostly just mirroring this blog. Anyways if you are on Google+ here’s the shortlink to my profile: gplus.to/BrentKnowles