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Rejection in the Games Industry

Yesterday I wrote about handling rejection while writing and today I wanted to touch upon handling rejection in the gaming industry. What kinds of rejection might a developer experience? The first rejections you will experience in the videogame industry will be getting hired! If you are like me you’ll probably get a few ‘nos’ before […]


A while back I did an interview for Diabolical Plots. One of the questions was: If you could give just one piece of advice to aspiring authors, what would it be? And I replied with: Learn to handle rejection. Unless you are some kind of a genetic abnormality with an absurd talent for writing (in […]

I Built a Robot

Well, okay, I didn’t really build this so much as snap together the prebuilt pieces. Was delighted to find the final piece in the mail after returning from vacation. Bonus points to those of you who might guess why I’m excited to add this figure to my Star Wars Collection. (p.s. Bonus Points may not […]

Simon J. Cooper

Fellow Writers of the Future winner, Simon J. Cooper has recently put up a website and made available the first four stories of his Wild Edged Magic series.

I Have a Confession to Make

I have actually been on vacation the last two weeks. Probably some of you have noticed that my activity online was lowered. Perhaps you did not. The trip was basically to introduce the kids to some great grandmothers they had not met yet as well as some other family and friends. We abandoned Edmonton (and […]

Do Gamers want Dungeons?

A few months ago I was asked if gamers — mainstream gamers — are skittish of dungeons, perhaps finding them too geeky or unappealing or whatever. This was a part of a series of emails I received from several of you shortly after Dragon Age 2 was released… most with the intent of trying to […]

Game Development Jobs – Design

I realize that I often toss out game development terminology that is probably not familiar to everybody reading the blog. If you ever stumble across something you don’t understand toss me an e-mail or leave a comment. This post will (hopefully) shed some light on various game development job categories. There is little standardization across […]

The Product

This post, “The Product” is somewhat tied into my earlier post about passion from a few days ago. And I’ve touched on the concept last year as well. I just wanted to dig into it a bit more here. I have always created content for others. It is what I do. I remember the second […]

Nobody can hear you scream

…on a Monday. While working a day job I learned to avoid certain dead zones in regards to sending out email. Basically there are certain periods of time where people were too busy to respond to email. Monday mornings seemed the worst… People were back from a weekend and many seemed to purge their outstanding […]

Building a Team? The First Ingredient

As a design manager with BioWare I was involved in the interviewing and hiring and reviewing of many designers. There were certain qualities I was always looking for. Designers didn’t need to fulfill all the requirements but there was one aspect, the first ingredient, if you will, that for me was mandatory. It was not […]