Monthly Archives: June 2011

Diabolical Interview Online

There’s a new interview with me up at Diabolical Plots! Thanks to David Steffen at Diabolical for offering me the interview opportunity.

Read this Week

As part of my heroic attempts to wrestle my to-read pile into submission I’ve finally gotten around to reading ‘Rage of the Behemoth‘ from Rogue Blade. Overall this is a fun read! Some of the stories in the anthology were really first-rate, full of heroic action adventure. I’ll be looking eagerly for more stories from […]

What are your weekend plans?

I’m finishing up Chapter 17 of the novel-in-progress and then plan on finishing up an interesting interview I am in the progress of responding to. After that? Heading outside to enjoy the weather. What about you? Any exciting plans?


As noted several times in the past I set particular goals for myself at the start of the year. As it is nearing the halfway point of 2011 (and I know I’ll be too busy to post this closer to the end of June) I’ll give a quick update now. I set two types of […]

Boba Fett has arrived

Did I ever tell you I really really really wanted a Boba Fett action figure when I was a kid? Well I did. My cousin had one but he lost it in a lake. Which was rather careless of him. What’s the point of this post? Today my very own Boba Fett figure has arrived […]

What do I do?

Some of those cheering me on in my writing endeavors have expressed curiosity about how the whole ‘writing-process’ works, not specifically the writing itself but how a writer goes about submitting stories to magazines and so on. Given that I’m a fairly obliging fellow I figured I’d add some illumination to the process and describe, […]

Halfway to Three

This week has been productive writing wise… I just passed the halfway point on my third novel (first draft). If I keep an aggressive schedule I”ll finish the rough draft by early July. Then I’ll spend a month or so reviewing it (while preparing for the fourth novel) and then start in on a revision […]

Bone Dreaming to Darwin’s Evolutions

I’ve sold my dark fantasy “Bone Dreaming” To Darwin’s Evolutions. The current table of contents in-progress is in Darwin’s latest blog post. Very pleased that this tale will be seeing publication as it is the ‘origin story’ of one of my favorite fantasy characters. This tale is set in the same world as The Tale […]