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As noted several times in the past I set particular goals for myself at the start of the year. As it is nearing the halfway point of 2011 (and I know I’ll be too busy to post this closer to the end of June) I’ll give a quick update now.

I set two types of goals — goals that I can control (production) and goals that I cannot directly control (sales). This is just a summary of the production goals:

1. Write Eight New Stories. Done. I wrote these in-between revising the last novel and starting work on the current novel.
2. Finish One Novel. Well over half done the first draft. Should be sending this out in the fall.
3. Write 300 000 words. I’m sitting at 147000. This is a little low especially given that I know summer will have a reduced output. However in the fall I’ll have more writing time than I have had during the past year, so I’ll catch up.

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