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The Flood

A bit of history for today.

“FLOODING OF THE MURRAY RIVER TAKES EIGHT LIVES” — This was the headline of the local paper on March 25th, 1939. The sudden flooding of the Murray River at East Pine during the early morning hours swept away the home of Mr. Wellington M. Warren, carrying eight persons to their deaths in the raging water and crushing ice…

If you read the entire article you’ll come to this bit:

…learning Edith and Mr. & Mrs. Warren were in the same clump of trees, they ran back to try to save them. Edith had climbed into a tree. Mr. Warren was clinging to the trunk with Mrs. Warren at his feet. It was now faintly daylight. Frank tied the ropes around his middle and started on the perilous journey across the ice floe, with Babe and Jack holding anchor ropes. Reaching the tree he saw the body of Mrs. Warren wedged under some ice and Mr. Warren in a delirious state. He got Edith who had been in her nightclothes for four hours and was almost dead of exposure, on his back, twice they were almost lost but Jack and his brother Babe hauled them to safety.

So, what’s this about?

Edith, the teenager mentioned in the article, survived by clinging to a tree while many in her family were washed away in flood waters, including her parents (Mr. and Mrs. Warren, mentioned in the article), her three young sisters and three nephews.

That brave young woman?

My grandmother.

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