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I’m getting a lot of cool folks stopping by here and thanking me for games I worked on in the past with BioWare. But I really can’t take all the credit for the games you have all loved, heck I can hardly take any of the credit.

Few BioWare folks seem to have websites (or at least websites I’ve stumbled across easily) but here are some of them if you want to go check out what other BioWare employees (both ex- and current) are doing. And if there’s more BioWare sites out there please let me know.

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  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Rob Bartel had a blog. Thanks for sharing the links. :D

  • Brent Knowles

    Yep and I think his board game is doing quite well too… going to try and pick a copy up the next time I leave the igloo.

  • DLebeau

    If Mass Effect 3 is…well, let’s just say, not quite a good follow up to that series, we may be speaking of your time at Bioware as the Golden Age.

  • Brent Knowles

    Let’s hope not. That would make me sound very very old.

  • DLebeau

    Well, I remember the golden age of RPGs but I am only 35 heh. It wasn’t that long ago :)