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Dragon Age 2

So I’m getting a bit more traffic than usual to this little blog and figured I’d give a bit of a shout out to those of you coming here curious about me, BioWare, Dragon Age, and Dragon Age 2.


I haven’t played the Dragon Age 2 demo yet so I can’t really comment on it. I do appreciate the comments you have been giving me — there’s some great threads on several of the pages with people’s opinions on the gameplay and whatnot. I will put up my own here in a post once I’ve played it which should be this weekend if I can find some time.

I really should emphasize a point I’ve made in my posts about why I left BioWare however:

I never thought Dragon Age 2 would be a terrible game. It was just that a highly cinematic, action-leaning RPG wasn’t what I wanted to work on. That is all.

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Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.