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Contest – Why the Heck is Brent Living in the Land of Ice and Snow and Freezing Frickin’ Cold?

This is Edmonton in March. Seriously. And its cold, 20 below or something stupid like that. And the wind is freezing And yes, I’m whining.

So in the interest of amusing myself the first three responses giving an entertaining reason why I’m still living in this frigid place will be ‘gifted’ a Kindle copy of my story “The End of the Road”. Please provide an email address in your response (or privately to brent AT and I’ll send you the copy.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.


  • Eileen Bell

    You are living in this icy hell because it is too cold to move! (and I mean it is physically too cold and there is too much snow to move your stuff to a truck so you can make a break for it.) If you were lucky enough to get your stuff IN the truck, it would probably get stuck on one of Edmonton’s badly (if at all) snow cleared streets, and you and your family could possibly end up squatting there until spring. Better to stay where you are… until spring.

    The problem is, with spring comes memory loss. You (like me) will NOT make a break for it. You will plant your garden, cut your grass, and enjoy the heck out of things until next year. (And next March, you just might have another contest like this one.)

  • Billie Milholland

    You live in this Frozen Hell Hole because, like many of us, you were born with Boreal Forest tree sap in your veins, giving you a northern vigour that would languish in a warmer clime. We are all tougher than we look and sometimes even fool ourselves into thinking we’d flourish in Florida. Don’t be fooled. The sharp edge of your writing is rooted in this formidable landscape.

  • Nicole Luiken

    You live here because Calgary gets blizzards in May.

    True story: my husband boarded a Greyhound on a nice May day in Edmonton and got off the bus in Calgary to ankle-deep snow.

    The worst car trip of my life was an October trip from Calgary to Edmonton. So much snow turning around would have meant getting stuck so I kept going and later found out the highway closed behind me, but lo and behold by the time I hit Red Deer it was raining and the roads in Edmonton were fine.

    I can also tell stories about living in Grande Prairie if you’d like.

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