Monthly Archives: March 2011

Design Expectations

Much of this will be a summary of my replies to some of the excellent comments I’ve received here over the last few days but I figured those may have been missed by some readers. Game development is a group business. Often in a game one or two individuals from the development team will appear […]

My First Interview?

Stumbled across this interview with me over at IGN. I’m not entirely sure if this is my absolute first interview as a designer with BioWare but I think it is. One of the cool things with BioWare is that they tried to make sure everybody, especially in the early days, had a shot at doing […]

Congrats Jason!

A little late in mentioning this but hey, I’m busy writing. Anyways fellow WOTF winner Jason Fischer has made the Ditmar awards shortlist with “The House of Nameless” his Writers of the Future XXVI story. And he also made the shortlist for an Aurealis Award for his zombie novel “After the World: Gravesend”. Wow! Check […]

Join Me

Empire Avenue has been bustling as of late. If you’d like to join, use the following invite code! Once joined look for me and join my Robots Minion community… leave a message there and I’ll buy a bunch of shares in you!

Read this week

Finished up issue #13 of Necrotic Tissue — this was my contributor’s copy (my story ‘Stealing Death’ appeared inside of it). There were some really exceptional stories in here and I regret having missed earlier issues of this horror magazine. Some of the stories were a bit too graphic for me (I’m a wuss) but […]

The Flood

A bit of history for today. “FLOODING OF THE MURRAY RIVER TAKES EIGHT LIVES” — This was the headline of the local paper on March 25th, 1939. The sudden flooding of the Murray River at East Pine during the early morning hours swept away the home of Mr. Wellington M. Warren, carrying eight persons to […]

Aurora Awards

I’ve blabbed enough here about my own eligible work for Canada’s Aurora Awards. So instead here are some links to other writers that you might want to check out when deciding who to nominate (please note I’m just mentioning writers I’ve either talked to recently or have followed for a long time… not trying to […]

Hugo Award Nominations

I’m not eligible to nominate work for the Hugo awards but if you are and haven’t yet there’s only a couple days left. I was going to write a big summary about what to nominate but Eric James Stone has already done so. Check his links out (many of which lead to the stories so […]

Serves Him Right

Fellow Writers of the Future XXVI winner KC Ball has a story up at Every Day Fiction. You can read it (and loads of other stories) for free at the site. And if you like it leave a comment for KC on the site.

What do you want to know?

Okay I have a cold and my two sick kids are home with me and I’m in the middle of major novel revisions and Empire Avenue is near to rolling out our super killer robot army to take over the world some exciting new updates. So I’m busy. I have a lot I want to […]