Monthly Archives: February 2011

Amazon Reprints

This is the list of story reprints that I have on Amazon. A Ragman’s Vow Digital Rights From the Sea and Other Tales (The Monastery and The Tale of Lady Spite) His Island John’s List The End of the Road The Prophet

Smashwords Reprints

As most of you know I’ve been posting reprints of my previously published stories up on Amazon and Smashwords. This is the list of stories that I have on Smashwords, I’ll post the Amazon list tomorrow. Even if you don’t have an eBook reader Smashwords is pretty cool because you can read the stories online […]

Digital Rights… free for a limited time

To help readers with their Aurora Award nominations I’ve uploaded my Writers of the Future winning story ‘Digital Rights’ to Smashwords. Blurb: Izzy’s new job aboard a solar station orbiting Earth becomes more complicated when she begins receiving cryptic messages from a ghost. And if you use coupon HB67G on checkout you can have the […]

Writing Videogames

Just a short observation but I get asked the question of whether its worthwhile to work, as a writer, for a videogame developer, like BioWare. Most often I am asked this by other writers I have met. So here goes. A disclaimer: I was never really a writer at BioWare (other than a bit of […]

More Happy Endings?

In fit of writing procrastination I scanned through my published or soon-to-be-published stories, mostly looking at how they ended. What did I discover? Seven of the stories had unpleasant endings for the protagonist (or ambiguous endings that some readers, I think, would take as unpleasant) although one of those stories would technically be considered a […]

Writers of the Future XXVI

Just a reminder for new readers to this blog that Writers of the Future Anthology #26 is full of top-notch science fiction and fantasy stories, including my own ‘Digital Rights’. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, here’s some handy dandy links for you. Note that you can purchase Kindle versions instead of print […]

Reminder: Aurora Nominations

In case you haven’t sent in your nominations yet for the Aurora awards they are open until the end of April! Nominate here.

The Frozen Sky by Jeff Carlson

If you missed Jeff Carlson’s “The Frozen Sky” in Writers of the Future XXIII you can now purchase the story for the Kindle. This is one of my favorite Writers of the Future stories that I’ve read across all the volumes so I highly recommend it.

Dragon Age 2

Looks like Dragon Age 2 has gone gold! Congrats to the team and BioWare. I’m impressed at how quickly they were able to release the sequel and hope they all get a bit of rest before tackling their next project!

Should I Open This Box?

Okay I admit it… despite being a fan I haven’t watched the original Star Wars trilogy in years. Worse still I don’t really own a copy of it. Anyways today I wanted to sit down with my 5 year old and watch the first movie. Digging through some old boxes I found this: It is […]