Monthly Archives: January 2011

Stealing Death Now Available

My story ‘Stealing Death‘ is now available in issue #13 of Necrotic Tissue. You can order a copy here.

Talk Stories

This is still work in progress but I’ve put a page listing my published stories by genre and with comment and review counts beside them as an alternate view to my bibliography. Feedback? Suggestions on how to make this more useful? p.s. feel free to go to the individual stories and add your own […]

Empire Avenue – Why you shouldn’t delete your account

One of the reasons I’ve seen people give for leaving Empire Avenue is that they weren’t going to be active online for a while and didn’t want their stock price to crash and ruin their friend’s portfolios. While this shows their admirable character, they really shouldn’t worry. Stock prices don’t really crash from low activity. […]

Newsletter Reminder… free story

As I mentioned last week I’ll send out my first newsletter today and with it a promo code for a free story download from Smashwords. So sign-up please.

Well that was silly!

Been quiet the last few days because I started tinkering with a php/html5 personal project. I just finished a 15 000 word sci-fi story on Friday so I needed the mental break. Anyways, things will go back to normal tomorrow assuming I don’t get lost somewhere in my tinkering.

Newsletter Giveaway

On Monday the 24th I’ll be sending out a coupon for one of my story reprints on Smashwords. Which means if you want the coupon (and a free story) you will have to sign-up for the newsletter. If you don’t want the story, just bloody well sign up for the newsletter anyways, okay. Thanks.

“The Monastery” mentioned in Horton summary

Last night I was pleased to see that in his annual summary for “Not One of Us” reviewer extraordinaire Richard Horton mentioned my story “The Monastery” which appeared in Hidden, a special Not One of Us issue that came out early in 2010. He said: From Hidden, I liked Erik Amundsen’s “Strawberry Ghoul”, a matter […]

Snow day

I wrote 1600 words today and built a couple snow forts. That is all.

Story Comments

In case any readers are curious I’ve started adding comments to my story pages (available from my bibliography). Basically I’ll be providing a little additional information on the story, in regards to either how it was written or special circumstances involving its publication. I’ve added my first comment to my page for ‘Digital Rights‘. Feel […]

Aurora Awards

It is that time of the year again… Aurora voting! From the Prix Aurora website: The Prix Aurora Awards are Canada’s National Science Fiction & Fantasy Awards. They are Canadian Fans’ way of recognizing the best in genre creativity and activity of the previous calendar year (January 1st to December 31st 2010). Why am I […]