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Request – iPad & iPod Touch Recipe Manager

There is nothing writing or game design related in this post. Just saying.

As the cook/mealplanner/shopper for the house I’m trying to make my time spent doing these things a bit more efficient. To that end I’d like to use my iPad and iPod touch to help manage the dozens of recipes I have scattered across various cookbooks.

(Yeah I’m a techno geek and I’m looking for an excuse to mess around with the devices more. But I think there’s the potential for this to save me time in the long term. Maybe.)

Anyways what I want is the following:

  • Ability to add my own recipes. I like Epicurious but you can’t add your own meals, which is kind of important given the food allergies in our home, most of our meals are custom.
  • Shopping Lists. Automatic shopping lists would be useful. But I also need to be able to add my own items to the list.
  • Meal Planning. Some way of grouping meals into weekly meal plans. Meals would be able to appear in multiple meal plans.
  • Cook with the iPad. Well organized ingredient/instructions system for displaying recipe information while cooking is essential.
  • Shop with the iPod Touch. There’s no way I’m taking the iPad with me shopping but I would bring the iPod Touch. A way to sync shopping lists between the two devices would be awesome.
  • Export. I don’t mind spend some money for a program but I’ve learned that few companies last for long and there’s a good chance in the future I might not be able to access the recipes in the program. So its essential that there’s an export feature to an open file format… even to plain text would be fine, just so I know that all the data entry I have to do to add my recipes won’t be lost.

The closest I’ve seen is the Paprika App. It has most of the features I need and the category system it uses could do a crude approximation of meal planning but it still lacks iPod Touch sync and an export feature. And it is expensive, for an app, though probably worth the ten bucks if it had all the features I’m asking for.

Any suggestions?

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  • Brent Knowles

    Found another promising one… PepperPlate. (

    I haven’t tried the iPad verison but played around with the Web interface. Adding a recipe was clunky but worked.

    Add your own meals
    Meal planning
    Allows for multiple timers to help coordinate cooking

    No simple export (though you could save each webpage manually I imagine)
    No shopping list

  • Christine Meranda

    Hi Brent,

    I’m one of the developers of Paprika. We’re total geeks too, and that’s what Paprika stemmed from, the desire not to have a huge stack of printed recipes all over the kitchen :)

    We submitted a meal planner and cloud sync update about two weeks ago with an iPod Touch/iPhone app companion. The iPhone app has been approved but the iPad update is still in Apple limbo–I’d say it will probably be approved early next year since the App Store stops reviewing over the holidays. Would love to hear your thoughts on both.

    I tried Pepperplate a few days ago. I like the idea of the web interface as a faster entry method, but can’t get over the inability to edit/easily download recipes while using the iPad.

    Christine Meranda

  • Brent Knowles


    Hi. Thanks for dropping by and giving me the update. Good info to know. I’ll definite wait until the iPad app clears approvals and see what users say about the new features.

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