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The Novel is Done

So I’ve finished the second novel this year! I still have to edit this one (and sell it!) before anybody sees it of course.

Overall I’m satisfied with it. It is too long (115 000 words) but I overwrite my first drafts and I’m sure most of those extra words will disappear. Unlike the first novel there’s no major changes I need to make in the second draft. I’m going to read it over the holidays and come up with a revision plan and start tackling that in February. December and January will be devoted to playing around with some short story ideas I’ve put aside.

For the curious this novel is set in the same ‘world’ that is first explored in my story ‘Touch the Dead’ which will appear in a future issue of On Spec Magazine.

This year I’ve accomplished all the content creation goals I made for 2010, so I’m quite pleased — over 380 000 words written, way past my goal of 240 000. And because I love stat tracking I’ve noticed that I’ve made 171 story submissions this year, one more than last year, so that’s cool. Can’t sell stories if they are not out there circulating!

Though in sadder news my most productive day in 2010 was only 5000 words compared to a 5600 word day I had in 2009. Okay enough stats, I have some writing that needs doing today.

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