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Warrior Wisewoman #3 Edited by Roby James
This is an annual anthology of stories featuring women protagonists. This is the first volume of the series I’ve read but after reading it I’m going to pick up the others. A range of stories… most of them I liked, some of them quite a bit. My favorites? Sustain Nothing by Paul Abbamondi was really good, a bizarre story where a woman is a guide, with access to all the information that exists in the world and people ask her questions, directions and such. One day she figures out how to turn her connection off and much chaos ensues.

I also really enjoyed Tourist Trap by Aimee C. Amodio, The Envoy by Al Onia, and What lies Dormant by Swapna Kishore.

Prince of Wolves by David Gross
I haven’t read a sword and sorcery novel in a long time though I used to devour them. It took me a couple chapters to get into this novel. I think my initial difficulty was because there are two viewpoint characters, one of which is written as if a journal to a colleague. But once I got into it, the novel flowed well with plenty of action, mystery and fun characters.

Murky Depths #10
Murky Depths is a British magazine, a mix of fiction and comics, with loads of illustrations throughout. Always a slick magazine. This issue had a nice line up of stories, my favorites this time around would be a sci-fi/police investigation story ‘The Other Side of Life’ by Ian R Faulkner and a creepy horror called ‘Christmas Miracle’, written by Jeff Cook.

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