Monthly Archives: September 2010

Upgrade Complete

Okay the update is complete. Didn’t notice any obvious problems. I should note that I won’t be updating the blog as often as I used to (I was averaging 1-2 posts a day over the summer… expect this to be more like 3-4 a week). I’ve fallen behind in finishing the second novel and need […]

Upgrading website

In case I break anything let this post serve as warning that I am now upgrading my website. Hopefully you will see another post later in the day, else all is doomed.

Submitting Stories to Magazines: Long Response Times

During the Writers of the Future event last month I had the chance to talk many writers, including my fellow winners as well as more established authors. One thing that came up a couple times was that most (all?) of the other writers I spoke with don’t submit to markets that have very slow response […]

Review Black Gate Magazine on the iPad

I promised the Black Gate folks a review of the pdf version of Black Gate #14 and with all the excitement this summer it took me longer to read it than I had intended. Many apologies for the lateness of this. Earlier in the year I changed my print subscription to Black Gate into an […]

Retirement… A year later

A little over a year ago was my last day of work at BioWare. I had always planned to wrap up my ten year summary of my BioWare career with a one year ‘life after BioWare’ post. Since leaving BioWare I’ve sold several stories, finished writing a dozen new stories and a sci-fi novel and […]

Brent’s Stories… where can you find them

For the newcomers to this site who got my contact information at the Writers of the Future event last week here’s some quick links to my stories: Bibliography. This is a list of published and forthcoming works and each story can be clicked to go to a page with more information about that story, as […]

The Writers of the Future Week – Summary

I could write a moving account of how amazing last week at the Writers of the Future event was. I could weave a narrative around the fantastic instruction provided by KD Wentworth and Tim Powers, interspersed with clever anecdotes I gleamed from the late night bullshit sessions with established authors. I could reminiscence about the […]

Writers of the Future 26

Still working on an overview of everything that happened last week at the Writers of the Future event. In the meantime check out the cover for Writers of the Future 26 including my story “Digital Rights”. I had the privilege to meet the other writers, and the illustrators, included in this volume and there’s no […]