Monthly Archives: September 2010

Pure Speculation 2010

The event scheduling for Edmonton’s Pure Speculation convention is now available. I’ll be talking from 11:00 – 12:00 on Sunday October the 24th about my experiences with the Writers of the Future Contest. I’m looking forward to this, hopefully if you are in the Edmonton region you can make it there. There’s some great programming […]

‘Touch the Dead’ sells to On Spec Magazine

Just signed and sent the contract to On Spec. This is the sale that I mentioned a couple weeks ago on Twitter and is my third to On Spec. I am super excited for a variety of reasons. As most readers know I’m a huge fan of On Spec and was eagerly waiting their response […]

Wake up!

Back from a relaxing vacation to Jasper. Had a good time but tomorrow it will be back to work. I managed to do a little writing in between moving the children from one interesting sight to another but not enough. I’m about a chapter behind so this will be a busy week catching up. If […]

Writers of the Future 26 available as an eBook!

Thanks to Laurie Tom (Gold Award Winner WOTF 26) for bringing to my attention that there are eBook versions of WOTF26 available now (through the Kindle and the iBookstore) and other versions (Sony et cetera) coming shortly. So anyone out there who doesn’t want to wait for the paperbacks to hit store shelves, you can […]

Novel Progress and General Update

The novel is going well, I am nearing the halfway mark. I had hoped to reach that milestone by this weekend but instead will be visiting some family and (mostly) relaxing. Which is not a bad thing. This time around I have planned the novel out, unlike the last novel which I ‘invented’ as I […]

Science in Seconds

Science in Seconds is an interesting video blog, worth checking out. I first saw a mention of it in my University of Alberta alumni magazine. One of the contributors, Brittany Trogen is also a science fiction writer and has had stories appear in On Spec and Campus Chills.

Writers of the Future: The First 25 Years

Finished reading the Writers of the Future: The First 25 Years Kevin J. Anderson, editor). If you are curious about the Contest and what the past winners of the Contest have achieved I definitely recommend this book. The layout and design makes for a nice read, a good balance between photos and commentary from judges […]

Writers of the Future Book Signing

While down at the Writers of the Future event we got to go to the Borders bookstore in Pasadena and sign some copies of Writers of the Future 26 and the Writers of the Future 25th Anniversary book that Kevin J. Anderson put together. Anyways there’s some pictures of the event on the Book Signings […]

Gravesend by Jason Fischer

My Writers of the Future roommate Jason Fischer gave me a copy of his novella Gravesend (from Black House Comics) and I finished reading it this morning. I really enjoyed this character driven zombie tale. I pretty much read it all in one sitting. If you are not a big fan of zombie fiction I […]

Catchy Title?

So because I was woken early by a train I’m sitting here wondering: Does my blog need a fancy title? Many blogs have titles, usually a witty phrase, a snippet of wordage that cleverly defines the blogger or their life experience. Any thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to post those while I go search for […]